Super Learning Day

Super Learning Days are a new and innovative approach to whole school cross-curricular learning for students and staff with the aim of inspiring our ‘Living to Learn’ ethos.

Super Learning Day

Mandela Community

Group: PE
Learning Objective: To explore the effects of gravity in physical activity.
What did you learn? ' to work with people I have never worked with before' '...whenever something goes up Gravity pulls it down' '...that teamwork can solve anything' Read more...

On Super Learning Day the PE Department took 54 students to Challenge 4 Change indoor adventure centre to explore the Effect of Gravity on Physical Activity. The students were divided into teams and participated in activities like racing through a pit full of 1500 tyres, balance pipes, human seesaw, making a human bridge, combat wall. Points were scored for each activity and a winning team was found. The day was very enjoyable for everyone including the staff. Cameron McKenzie said the day was "Fun, fab, athletic and a really good day. The best bit was thetwo bars where you have to wrap your body around and shuffle across."

Group: Media
Learning Objective: Create your own Sci-Fi character and promote a new Sci-fi film.
What did you learn? ' to make a movie poster in Photoshop using photos that we took'

Group: Psychology/IT & H&S
Learning Objective: To learn how forensic techniques are used to solve a crime.
What did you learn? ' to solve different crimes and get different clues' ' to take someone's fingerprints' ' DNA can be found and how it can be used to solve a crime' Read more...

Students in Mandela were invited to take part in a training session on forensic techniques in solving crime. The students rotated through 4 labs, each with different opportunities to develop their forensic skills. Activities included walking through a virtual CSI lab, fingerprinting, decoding body language and facial expressions, identifying mystery substances, analysing handwriting, practicing memory and observation techniques, and uncovering hidden messages. These skills were put to the test when students entered a room where a murder had taken place. With 8 members of staff as suspects, there was no time to waste in identifying the culprit. Fingerprint, hair samples, and other clues were scattered about the room, with students on the case to collect and bag the evidence. With all staff fingerprinted and questioned, three murderers were challenged, handcuffed and read their rights.

Thanks to the good students of Sutton, the halls of the academy are once again safe!

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