Sutton Sixth Form Prospectus 2024


"Students benefit from a broad range of opportunities to enhance their personal development." OFSTED 2019 "Leadership of the sixth form is highly effective."OFSTED 2019

WELCOME TO THE EXCITING RANGE OF SUBJECTS AND LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES WHICH AWAIT YOU AT THE SUTTON ACADEMY SIXTH FORM. At The Sutton Academy Sixth Form we endeavour to provide all of our students with the support needed to achieve academic excellence. We also ensure that all of our students are provided with a wealth of opportunities to develop personally in areas such as leadership, teamwork, independence and effective communication. Our aim is to equip you with skills and confidence needed to face the challenges of the world ahead, whatever your future aspirations may be. We have a dynamic and responsive timetable; we aim to fulfil your chosen career pathway through a timetable of lessons and events, created with you in mind. We are very proud of our thriving Sixth Form and are delighted that you are considering joining us. Highly academic and vocational standards including provision for students with additional needs Small group sizes which allow for flexible and more personalised teaching and learning Access to dedicated facilities Dedicated Mentor Team Dedicated Leadership Team Outstanding pastoral care A varied personal development programme "Students at The Sutton Academy, including the sixth form, achieve well."OFSTED 2022 Personal and individual attention and assistance regarding your choice of courses, progress throughout and progress onto employment, apprenticeships further and higher education The Sutton Academy offers opportunities for you to develop as a young person both in Sixth form and in the community. There are many reasons why we feel The Sutton Academy should be your preferred choice: WHY US?

HERE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE COURSES YOU MAY CHOOSE TO STUDY WITH US... ART, CRAFT AND DESIGN A-Level Art, Craft and Design Students complete a two year course where they will explore practical and critical/contextual work through a range of 2D and/or 3D processes, Medias and techniques. ENGLISH Students are offered the opportunity to broaden their study of English at a higher level through AQA’s English Language and Literature A Level specification. During the two-year A level course, students analyse a range of engaging literary and non-literary texts, informed by a secure understanding of linguistic theory and influences. CHILDCARE Childcare provides learners with knowledge of the development needs of children from birth to 7 years and practical experience of working with children. All learners are required to have an Enhanced DBS to allow them to complete the required placement hours. Placement experience underpins theoretical application of knowledge, supports learners and prepares learners for their external assessment. GEOGRAPHY A-Level Geography is extremely engaging building on GCSE knowledge and further developing your understanding of the world. The course is extremely current and addresses many of the issues affecting the world today both politically and environmentally. "Teachers use their secure subject knowledge to support and challenge each student." OFSTED 2019

FOOD SCIENCE & NUTRITION Students will have the opportunity to learn about the relationship between the human body and food, as well as developing practical skills linked to experimental work and the cooking and preparation of food. As part of the course, students will work with professional chefs, visit local businesses, taste new foods, critically assess diets and develop menus which are nutritionally balanced, conduct food experiments and develop a range of generic and transferable skills that are sought after by employers. SPORT The Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Sport provides students with a broad basis of study within the sport sector. Students will deepen their understanding through topics such as anatomy and physiology, lifestyle factors, leadership and career pathways in the sports industry. PSYCHOLOGY The A-Level Psychology course provides you with an opportunity to explore the work of some of the most influential psychologists in the world such as Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget and Stanley Milgram including their infamous experiments. CRIMINOLOGY The level 3 Diploma builds upon the knowledge of various crimes to be able to plan for a campaign to overcome criminal tendencies, The course develops your understanding of the criminal justice sector from crime scene to court room. FORENSIC SCIENCE The level 3 BTEC allows students to combine all areas of Science alongside the studying of forensic details and the importance of accuracy when investigating experiments. HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE This course provides learners with an in-depth knowledge of core subject areas in health and social care. Learners will develop their understanding of issues relating to equality and diversity, communication and professional standards. A mandatory placement supports students with putting their knowledge into practice and developing their key skills to support with others from a range of backgrounds. HISTORY A level History gives you the opportunity to build upon the knowledge and skills gained at GCSE. The challenging and engaging topics studied are The Making of a Superpower USA 1865-1975 and Modern British History 19512007. The coursework (NEA) can be guided by your own modern historical interests also. MATHEMATICS A level Mathematics is an interesting and challenging course, which extends the methods and ideas learnt at GCSE. It prepares you well for university study and future employment. Maths helps supports the study of subjects like physics, chemistry, IT, business and biology. Problem solving and modelling are key aspects of the course. Both the pure and applied mathematics you will learn, feed into many future career pathways such as Architecture and Accountancy.

WELCOME MEETING UCAS PROCESS UNIVERSITY VISITS PERSONAL STATEMENTS AIM HIGHER • Welcome to the High Achievers Programme • Applications for the Cambridge Shadowing Scheme • Apply for UNIQ • Russel Group University Visit • Bespoke Personal Statement workshops • Introduction to UCAS process • UCAS preparation for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science Applicants • Russel Group University Visit • Realising Opportunities Applications • Bespoke Personal Statement workshops • Introduction to TAP TV • Aim Higher Evinng to provide advice and guidance on how to secure the very best grades. SPRING TERM AUTUMN TERM SUMMER TERM SRING TERM AUTUMN TERM

CAREERS GUIDANCE We offer bespoke careers and university advice throughout your time with us. We have a designated Key Stage 5 Destinations Leader and careers advisor and we work closely with Shaping Futures to offer expert guidance from CV writing to apprenticeship and university applications. As a sixth form we have outstanding links with local higher institutions who visit our sixth form regularly to help with the UCAS process and offer guidance and support for the next stage of your educational journey. You will be involved in workshops and visit universities who will provide bespoke days tailored to meet the needs of our students. STUDENT BURSARY Students are encouraged to apply for a student bursary if facing financial hardship to stay in full time education. The bursary can be used to help purchase course equipment needed and meet transport costs. Free meals are also available for those who meet the eligibility criteria. SUPPORT AGENCIES We have a monthly visit from outside agencies which students can access as needed. All appointments are treated in the strictest of confidence. Agency support is dynamic and planned with the needs to the cohort in mind. SUPPORT & PASTORAL CARE Our support and pastoral care is based on excellent personal relationships and an overall ethos of mutual respect, openness and care, supported by strong structures. Amid the pressures of Key Stage 5 studies, it is imperative to us that we provide you with an environment in which you can be happy, confident and grow into the person you aspire to be. Our Sixth Form Leadership Team understand the immense demands faced by our students in the world today and we pride ourselves on providing excellent pastoral care. At The Sutton Academy Sixth Form we have a dedicated team of mentors who are here to support you throughout your time with us. Regular mentor meetings allow you the professional and pastoral time to develop your future plan, set personal targets and to help support and guide you on your chosen pathway. Staff will always be on hand to support you with dedicated advice and guidance that will help build your confidence, resilience and independence.

FACILITIES & ENVIRONMENT We treat all of our Sixth Form students as mature young adults. With this in mind we provide you with dedicated spaces to study, learn and socialise with your peers. Our excellent study facilities will ensure you make the most of your chosen subjects, including specialist art and design work areas, laboratories for you to explore the sciences, access to a dance studio and theatre for drama performances as well as a fully equipped recording studio and access to laptops and computers. You will also have access to dedicated study areas, fully equipped with the latest ICT equipment, allowing you to extend your learning outside of normal lesson times. Our directed study area provides you with a relaxed learning space to study with other students whereas our silent study area allows you to work undisturbed. Our sixth form centre also benefits from its own , recently refurbished, dining area that students can access throughout the day and offers both hot and cold food from 9:45 am until 1.30 pm.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: OPPORTUNITIES TO WORK WITH YOUNGER STUDENTS, mentoring in mathematical and reading skills and joining up with the Year 11 Student Council. NATIONAL CITIZEN SERVICE, the opportunity to undertake voluntary work which is widely admired by employers and universities. DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD, the opportunity to get involved, leading expeditions, skill development and service to the community. TRIPS AND VISITS, both educational and rewarding as well as nationally and internationally, including access to a wide range of outside speakers. WORK EXPERIENCE, to enhance applications to university and future employers, we encourage external voluntary roles. We feel that this opportunity will allow you to investigate a particular career path or profession in which you may have an interest. Universities view work experience as a vital addition to the UCAS application and personal statement. For students that do not intend to go to university, this will be an essential complement to their CV. THE EXTENDED PROJECT QUALIFICATION (EPQ), This is an extra qualification that provides an opportunity for students to extend their abilities beyond the Key Stage 5 syllabus and prepare for independent working. The skills gained and developed during this course, prepare students for university and their chosen future career. It is of great benefit to students and gains AS Level UCAS points. Universities value the experiences of this course so much, that often it reduces the conditional offer of entry requirements that a student receives. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES AND EMPLOYERS ARE INTERESTED IN WELLROUNDED STUDENTS WITH THE INITIATIVE AND PERSONAL SKILLS TO FACE THE MODERN WORLD. WITH THIS IN MIND, WE OFFER YOU A RANGE OF OPPORTUNITIES AND ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES TO FURTHER YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGHOUT YOUR TIME WITH US.

SIXTH FORM TUTORIAL PROGRAMME. When students complete their studies and move on into higher education or employment, they will be expected to be capable of organising themselves and setting their own targets. The Sixth Form is therefore an important part of the transition to the next stage of your academic career. We will help support you to develop the appropriate skills and qualities needed through the mentor programme. The programme focuses on Key Stage 5 mindset and the preparation for all possible pathways of the future, using activities that enable study and self-management skills and allow students to think about their career pathways. The programme allows for a tailored range of support from trained professionals, both internal and external and links to your area of interest. Regular meetings are vital to ensure students have a smooth journey throughout your time with us. JOINING US Here at The Sutton Academy Sixth Form we offer a wide range of both academic and vocational courses and aim to offer students a high degree of flexibility when choosing your ideal combination of subjects. The basic entry level for our Sixth Form is five Key Stage 4 subjects at grade 4 and above or equivalent, however please refer to individual course overviews for any specific subject entry requirements. If you would like to join us, the sixth form application form is available to download from our academy website. You can contact a member of the sixth form team if you need support and advice to complete the form. "Students study courses that are well suited to their interests, aptitudes and ambitions." OFSTED 2019 PAID EMPLOYMENT, there is the opportunity for paid roles within sixth form, where students can apply to fill positions in the library to support the daily running and support staff during timetabled hours. THE SIXTH FORM STUDENT LEADERSHIP TEAM, students are invited to apply and serve on the student leadership team, enabling them to discuss school matters, bot academic and social with senior members of staff. The team feedback developments and decisions made, regularly to the student body and Sixth Form Leadership Team. Skills gained here, challenge students in areas such as teamwork, planning, organisation and communication.

DESTINATIONS Maxe Worrall University of Manchester BSC Hons in Geography with Professional Placement A,A,A,B,Distinction Freya Boyd University of Leeds BA Hons in English Literature A,C,C Katelyn Bethell Bangor University BA Hons Sport and Exercise Psychology A*,A Emily Marsh Durham University BSC Hons in English Literature and Philosophy A,B,B Matthew SmithSingleton Liverpool John Moores University BA Hons in Mechanical Engineering B,C,C,C Jack Jones Liverpool Hope University BA Hons in Accounting & Finance and Information Technology A,C,C,Distinction "The range of qualifications on offer provides students with clear pathways to a broad range of future destinations." OFSTED 2019 The majority of our students progress to university, with many taking up places at prestigious universities. An increasing number of our students are choosing not to go to university and they are equally successful in gaining apprenticeships or employment in exciting industries.