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Together Students Achieve


"Students are regularly rewarded for good conduct, attendance and effort.

Quoted by - Ofsted MAY 2019

Student of the Month

This award is given to recognise students who have made outstanding progress, excellent effort or gone above and beyond our high expectations. "Well done!"

The following students have successfully been nominated for March's Student Of The Month Award.

Year 7 Tom F

Year 8 Lewis G

Year 9 Priya J

Year 10 Daniel B

Year 11 Sam B

Year 12 Eva Y

Year 13 Matthew H

Celebration Assemblies

Throughout the year we hold a number of celebration assemblies for each year group, where students can receive awards from their subject teachers.  

Awards Evening

Annually we award our students at an award's ceremony at The Totally Wicked Stadium, where students can be nominated for awards such as Curriculum Achievement, Outstanding Attitude to Learning, and a number of Special Awards.  The evening is an opportunity to celebrate student success along with their families, with a Guest Speaker joining us for the evening.  Most recently we have had the pleasure of welcoming Chris Milow a presenter on local radio for over 25 years, including 8 years at Radio City in Liverpool and 14 years at our local radio station Wish FM, the match day announcer at the Totally Wicked Stadium.  Gary Conley a former Miner and the main spokesperson for Dream.   Brian Leyland, author of St Helens: The Great & The Good and Director of Hometown Plus Limited, and Saints RFC Chairman Eamonn McManus.

End of Year Awards 2021 

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we were unable to hold our Awards Evening this year.  We did however reward our students for their continued hard work and commitment whilst home learning. 

A massive well done to the following award winners for 2020 - 2021.  

Year 7 Curriculum Awards Year 8 Curriculum Awards
ENGLISH - Kuba Krawczyk ENGLISH - Freya Douglas
MATHEMATICS - Ava Beard MATHEMATICS - Chelsea Parkinson
SCIENCE - Awesome Obi SCIENCE - Lewis Shaw
GEOGRAPHY - George Riley GEOGRAPHY - Patrick Bridge
HISTORY - Emily Farrelly HISTORY - Mason Wallis
RE - Leslie Thelwell RE - Ethan Cranny
SPANISH - Hannah Langley SPANISH - Harvey Kintas Hallwood
FOOD - Mimi Lyon FOOD - Kaan Basaga
PE - Mia Hurst PE - Bethan Birkett
GOLD - Emelia Mullen GOLD - Adam Spencer
ART - Macy Doyle ART - Daniel Houghton
MUSIC- Talyer Morley MUSIC - Jodie Shing
DESIGN - Jazmin Wills Jones DESIGN - Mikey Molyneux
TEXTILES - Rhys Sandiford DRAMA - Joe Hunter
DANCE - Kiera Murphy DANCE - Holly Dickin
Year 9 Curriculum Awards Year 10 Curriculum Awards
ENGLISH - Josh Boylan ENGLISH - Samuel Turner
MATHEMATICS  - Zoe Barnes MATHEMATICS - Jake Gaskell
SCIENCE - Zoe Barnes SCIENCE - Kallis Anders Benyon
GEOGRAPHY - Katie Ball GEOGRAPHY - Bartosz Lukasik
HISTORY - Lily Moss HISTORY - Jessica Wilkinson
RE - Mira Ali RE - Leon Martindale
SPANISH - Megan Railton SPANISH - Amy Hurst
ICT - Josh Hughes FRENCH - Liam Winstanley
BUSINESS - Sophie Dickinson ICT - Jack Lyon
CATERING - Ines Marcal BUSINESS - Chloe Bickerstaffe
PE - Victor Lawal PE - Daniel Thompson
DANCE - Ashley Highcock DANCE - Georgia Blakemore
ART - Kate Garner DESIGN - Elle Platt
MUSIC - Taylan Yildirim CONSTRUCTION - Curtis Hamilton
DRAMA - Jessica Alston ART - Michael Hurle
DESIGN - Jackson Blackburn MUSIC - Laura Spurgeon
CONSTRUCTION - Barbara Laszlo DRAMA - Jessica Brayley
CHILDCARE - Quinn Walsh CATERING - Samantha Horwood
BTEC ANIMAL CARE - Jasmin Gillard HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE - Ellie Poole
  CHILDCARE - Abbie Stanley
  BTEC ART & DESIGN - Tory Muzuro
  NCFE HEALTH & FITNESS - Matthew Porter
Outstanding Attitude to Learning
Year 7 Year 8
Mia Hurst Caitlin Allcock
Jasmine Street Joshua Rooney
Graham Harrison Kadie Bromilow
Mimi Lyon Mollymae Little
Kuba Krawczyk Billy Murray
Year 9 Year 10
Tom McCoy Katy Williams
Maisie Lea Emily Foster
Mira Ali Jessica Littler
Levi Harding Hannah Worrall
Lily Moss Crystal Mbuku
Special Awards

Mr Edwards Reader of the Year Award

Zoe Chisnall (Year 7)

Achievement Leader's Award

Year 7 - Aimee Hewitt
Year 8 - Aimee Lindley
Year 9 - Ashley Highcock
Year 10 - Samuel Turner

Principal's Award

Year 7 - Hannah Robinson
Year 8 - Poppy Moulsdale
Year 9 - Evie Chorley
Year 10 - Bartosz Lukasik

Trustees' Award

Year 7 - Oscar Dunsmore
Year 8 - Daniel Shaw
Year 9 - Taylan Yildirim
Year 10 - Bella McCarthy

Class of 2021 Awards - YEAR 11 
Curriculum Awards Outstanding Attitude
to Learning Awards
Art - Katie Hughes Art - Chloe-Ann Heesom
Biology - Maxe Worrall Biology - Alex Ashcroft
Business - Keira Barnes Business - George Howden
Catering - Poppy Leigh Topping Catering - Abigail Duncan
Chemistry - Nikki Smith Chemistry - Qianna Allen
Child Care - Caitlin Tarbuck Child Care - Jenna Roughley
Computer Science - Emlyn Picton Computer Science - Jack Jones
Construction - Lewis Pownall Construction - Layton Kent
Dance - Eva Yorke Dance - Aleasha Burton
Design - Holly Whitaker Design - Phil Sawyer
Drama - Courtney Carney Drama - Elizabeth Fairclough
English - Stevie Marie Leyland English - Euan Jones
Food - Qianna Langdon Food - Alix Dixon
Geography - Leah Anders Geography - Maddy Forshaw
Health & Social Care - Mia Dixon Health & Social Care - Annie Marsh
History - Jamie Lunt History - Abinhav Jeerasoo
ICT - Daniel Popoola ICT - Lucy Brown
Mathematics - Matthew Smith Singleton Mathematics - Caitlyn James
Music - Daniel Clarke Music - Beth Battersby
Art & Design Practice - Katie Kelly Art & Design Practice - Caitlyn Saxon
NCFE Health & Fitness - Katie Kelly NCFE Health & Fitness - Caitlyn Saxon
PE GCSE - Ben Atherton PE GCSE - Chloe Ann Heesom
Physics -  Eva Yorke Physics - Evie Beesley
RE - Eva Yorke RE - Molly Houghton
Science (Combined) - Theron Woods Science (Combined) - Emily Marsh
Spanish - Ellesha Roby Spanish - Theron Woods
Sport BTEC - Dexter Ellis Sport BTEC - Archie Stephenson

Achievement Leader's Award - Euan Jones
Principal's Award - Ellesha Roby
Trustees' Award - Eva Yorke

Class of 2021 Awards - YEAR 13 
Curriculum Awards Outstanding Attitude
to Learning Awards
Business - Adam Betty  
ICT - Matthew Bowman ICT - Kyle Price
Dance - Ellena Sergison/Molly Cobane Dance - Nicole Eccleston
English Language/Literature - Liam Lewis  English Language/Literature - Emma Quixley
Food - Amie-Lea Gerrity Food - Ciara Johnson
Maths - Matthew Birchall Maths - Nicole Eccleston
Chemistry - Matthew Birchall Chemistry - Lee Menarry
BTEC Science - Jack Boardman  
Child Care - Hannah Billington Child Care - Isabella Roberts
Health & Social Care - Maddie Jones Health & Social Care - Molly James
Psychology - Ryan Tarbuck Psychology - Kyle Price
Sport - Luca Noonan Sport - Elise Brown
History - Liam Lewis History - Liam Lewis
Music - Nathan Hunter Music - Jana Pennington
Design - Luca Noonan Design - Jana Pennington

Achievement Leader's Award - Hannah Billington
Principal's Award - Luca Noonan
Trustees' Award - Jack Boardman