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Together Students Achieve


"Students are regularly rewarded for good conduct, attendance and effort.

Quoted by - Ofsted MAY 2019

Student of the Month

This award is given to recognise students who have made outstanding progress, excellent effort or gone above and beyond our high expectations. "Well done!"

The following students have successfully been nominated for April's Student Of The Month Award.

Y7 - Graham Harrison
Y8 - Owen Roberts
Y9 - Victor Lawal
Y10 - Holly Radcliffe
Y11 - Zach Clark
Y12 - Libby Salter
Y13 - Elise Brown

Celebration Assemblies

Throughout the year we hold a number of celebration assemblies for each year group, where students can receive awards from their subject teachers.  

Awards Evening

Annually we award our students at an awards ceremony at The Totally Wicked Stadium, where students can be nominated for awards such as Curriculum Achievement, Outstanding Attitude to Learning, and a number of Special Awards.  The evening is an opportunity to celebrate student success along with their families, with a Guest Speaker joining us for the evening.  Most recently we have had the pleasure of welcoming Gary Conley a former Miner and the main spokesperson for Dream.   Brian Leyland, author of St Helens: The Great & The Good and Director of Hometown Plus Limited, and Saints RFC Chairman Eamonn McManus.

End of Year Awards 2020 

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we were unable to hold our Awards Evening this year.  We did however reward our students for their continued hard work and commitment whilst home learning. 

A massive well done to the following award winners for 2019 - 2020.  Each student received a certificate via email and upon return to the academy in September will be presented with a trophy for their efforts.

Year 7 Curriculum Awards Year 8 Curriculum Awards
ENGLISH - Jodi Shing ENGLISH - Eleanor Greggor
MATHEMATICS - Jake Harland MATHEMATICS - Rezija Armstrong
SCIENCE - Mason Wallis SCIENCE - Evie Chorley
GEOGRAPHY - Isobel Crawley GEOGRAPHY - Katie Ball
HISTORY - Eve Thomas HISTORY - Katie Arnold
RE - Ethan Cranny RE - Tom McCoy
SPANISH - Sara Al Hlo FRENCH - Rio Campbell
FOOD - Patrick Bridge SPANISH - Emily Cavaliere
PE - Bethan Birkett FOOD - Levi Harding Murphy
GOLD - Joseph Pointon PE - Tom Worrall
ART - Zoe Atherton GOLD - Charlotte Anders
MUSIC- Holly Dickin ART - Jessica Alston
DRAMA - Frankie Collins MUSIC - Louis Hunt
DESIGN - Aaron Leadbetter DRAMA - Joe Hunter
DANCE - Ruby Southcote DESIGN - Kai Tilston
COMPUTER SCIENCE - David Bevan DANCE - Lilly Moss
  COMPUTER SCIENCE - Taylan Yildirim
Year 9 Curriculum Awards Year 10 Curriculum Awards
ENGLISH - Sam Turner ENGLISH - Emily Marsh
MATHEMATICS  - Caitlin Waywell MATHEMATICS - Maxe Worrall
SCIENCE - Jake Bamber SCIENCE - Euan Sandiford
GEOGRAPHY - Jessica Littler GEOGRAPHY - Bianca Adam
HISTORY - Olivia Shields HISTORY - Jamie Lunt
RE - Holly Redcliffe RE - Alix Dixon
FRENCH - Liam Winstanley SPANISH - Libby Fairclough
SPANISH - Ellie Poole ICT - Lucy Brown
ICT - Kelvin Barnes BUSINESS - Theron Woods
BUSINESS - Leon Martindale COMPUTER SCIENCE - Ben Atherton
COMPUTER SCIENCE - Bartosz Lukasik PE - Ethan Chadwick
FOOD - Samantha Horwood DANCE - Morgan Davies
PE - Cate Sanderson DESIGN - Phil Sawyer
DANCE - Mia Chauhan CONSTRUCTION - Katie Kelly
ART - Fearne Cartledge ART - Katie Hughes
MUSIC - Lydia Tandy MUSIC - Emlyn Picton
DRAMA - Jessica Brayley DRAMA - Jack Jones
DESIGN - Sam Beard FOOD - Olivia Watts
CONSTRUCTION - Joe Campbell HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE - Caitlin Tarbuck
HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE - Katie Gaffney CHILDCARE - Mia Dixon
CHILDCARE - Katy Williams BTEC ART & DESIGN - Logan Davok
BTEC ART & DESIGN - Kacie Tuffy  
BTEC ANIMAL CARE - Harry Platt  
Outstanding Attitude to Learning
Year 7 Year 8
Zoe Atherton Thomas Worrall
Joshua Rooney Quinn Walsh
Isobel Crawley Katie Garner
Holly Dickin Taylan Yildirim
Harrison Fair Zoe Barnes
Year 9 Year 10
Josh Garner Euan Sandiford
Kelvin Barnes Stevie-Marie Leyland
Cate Sanderson Elizabeth Fairclough
Amy Downward Josh Brown
Jessica Brayley Maxe Worrall
Special Awards

Mr Edwards Reader of the Year Award

Tom McCoy

Achievement Leader's Award

Year 7 - Poppy Moulsdale
Year 8 - Nathan Keppel
Year 9 - Felicity Fletcher
Year 10 - Marshall Mlloja

Principal's Award

Year 7 - Aimee Lindley
Year 8 - Lucy Cray
Year 9 - Olivia Shileds
Year 10 - Eva Yorke

Class of 2020 Awards - YEAR 11
Curriculum Awards Outstanding Attitude
to Learning Awards
Art - Rebecca Whittle Art - Poppy Eccleston
Biology - Jasmine Crosby Biology - Jasmine Crosby
Business Studies - Louise Williams Business Studies - Rhiannon Jones
Chemistry - Mark Wilton Chemistry - Jasmine Crosby
Child Care - Chloe Lea Child Care - Abigail Roberts
Computer Science - Nathan Briers Computer Science - Michael Watkin
Construction - Tom Ratcliffe Construction - Tom Dickenson
Dance - Niamh Boardman Dance - Ella Nield
Design - Tom Ratcliffe Design - Amy Kilshaw
Drama - Nathaniel Anders Drama - Melissa Moran
English Language - Libby Hanlon English Language - Connor Lake
English Literature - Louise Williams English Literature - Abigail Roberts
Food - Poppy Eccleston Food - James Rice
French - Katie Lee French - Jack Croxford
Geography - Chris Clayton Geography - Olivia Chorley
German - Bethany Hosker German - Leah Birchall
Health & Social Care - Hollie Brown Health & Social Care - Tegan Jones
History - Nathaniel Anders History - Matthew Ashton Connor
ICT - Bethany Hosker ICT - Abbey Hartley
Mathematics - Mark Wilton Mathematics - Rebecca Whittle
Music - Jack Molyneux Music - Alex Hull
Art & Design Practice - Ellie Tilston PE GCSE - Libby Salter
NCFE Health & Fitness - Louis Forrest Physics - Jack Molyneux
PE GCSE - Libby Salter RE - Libby Salter
Physics - Chris Clayton  Science (Combined) - Sam Naylor
RE - Maria Lawal Spanish - Katelin Lacey
Science (Combined) - Libby Salter Sport BTEC - James Mustard
Spanish - Leigh Stanley  
Sport BTEC - Hannah Nield  

Achievement Leader's Award - Jack Molyneux
Principal's Award - Jessica Shing
Governors' Award - Mark Wilton

**Visit our YouTube channel here to view our Virtual Awards Evening for the Class of 2020!

Class of 2020 Awards - YEAR 13
Curriculum Awards Outstanding Attitude
to Learning Awards
Art & Design - Emily Watts Art & Design - Jessica Rees
Business  - Kate Fairclough Business  - Joe Shaw
ICT - Reece Menarry ICT - Tom Lee
Dance - Eloise King Dance - Eloise King
English Language/Literature - Michael Farr English Language/Literature - Charlotte Naylor Eaton
Food - Lewis Giliney Food - Sophie Baden
Maths - Danielle Kelly Maths - Amy Smith
Biology - Andrew Beaty Biology - Logan Colquitt
Chemistry - Scarlett Cardwell Physics - Logan Colquitt
BTEC Science - Jake Lee Child Care - Elisha Merrifield
Child Care - Emily R Hill Health & Social Care - Sophie O'Shaughnessy
Health & Social Care - Sinead Saxon Psychology - Amy Smith
Psychology - Charlotte Naylor Eaton Sport - Emily Stocks
Sport - Jack Roylance  

Achievement Leader's Award - Tyler Turner
Principal's Award - Charlotte Naylor Eaton