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As a Sociology student you will have seven 75 minute lessons over two weeks, you will also have time to see your Sociology teacher if you need any extra help and support.

As exam time approaches there will be extra intervention sessions such as after school revision classes and lunch time drop in sessions all of which will help you to achieve your very best potential.

Key Stage 5 

Sociology is an exciting subject that people can relate to their everyday lives.

What will I study?

In your first year which is AS level you will be learning about ‘Families and households’ this includes looking at topics such as childhood, family diversity and the darker side of family life. We also study ‘Health’ which involves looking at interesting areas such as body image, the media, mental illness and disability. As a Sociology student you will be able to establish different social patterns and trends about the society in which you live.

In your second year which is A level you will be studying ‘Beliefs in society’ which includes studying whether religion is declining, different religious groups such as the Moonies, Scientology and Jedism and whether science is now actually replacing religion. You will also study ‘Crime and deviance’ which involves establishing who commits the most crime, for example men or women and why they commit crimes, we also study institutional racism within the police force and the reasons why certain crimes are not reported to the police.

If you wish to follow a career that involves working with people then Sociology is the course for you, it gives you an understanding of the different groups of people within our society and the reasons why people act the way that they do.

The course specifically relates to anyone wishing to pursue a career in health care, the police, social work, teaching, business management, human resources, advertising and many more. Sociology is an excellent subject to choose if you wish to go onto higher education and study any social science subject.

Further Information

In your lessons you can expect to find lots of different styles of teaching and learning. We have lots of class discussions and debates, presentations, market place activities, independent learning activities and one to one discussions. We also have a wide range of classroom resources and computers which will help you with your studies.

The Sociology course is exam based which means that a lot of hard work, dedication and motivation is required plus extra reading outside of the classroom is essential.