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Ofsted Good Rating

Unexpected Academy Closure

In the event of an unexpected school closure the Academy will endeavour to continue to provide a high quality education to our students. We have systems in place to ensure that we are able to quickly switch to our online provision and ensure students do not miss out on their learning. The two systems we use are Microsoft Teams and ClassCharts.

An unexpected school closure may be due to:

  • Adverse weather conditions

  • Faults related to the Academy buildings

  • Government advice (for instance COVID-19)

More details related to school closure can be found in the following policy: 

Parents and Carers will be notified of any unforeseen closures via school comms and our social media platforms.

Guidance on how to access online learning: 

The following guidance documents will support you and your child accessing Microsoft Teams in the event of a closure. Please also see the Youtube video related to Microsoft Teams here.

Our delivery promise:

  1. All online lessons have a retrieval activity at the start of each lesson.  There should be the opportunity for students to recall previously learned information but also an opportunity for the teacher to re-teach key knowledge and/or clarify misconceptions.  If lesson is accessed independently, there should be an opportunity for students to self-assess their retrieval (.e. answers provided)
  2. All online lessons adhere to the principle of coherence - that is all superfluous information should be removed so that the student's attention is focussed on the key knowledge needed to be understood for that lesson.  
  3. All online lessons have a PPT with audio clips embedded into each slide from the teacher explaining clearly what to do or new content.  All audio explanations should be clear, concise and sequence knowledge in small steps.
  4. All online lessons should have a check for understanding task so we can assess engagement and understanding of remote learning.  This is most likely to be a simple multiple-choice test which will involve 3 or 4 questions that assess if the students have understood the key learning points from that lesson.  The results of the check for understanding assessment should feed forward to the retrieval activity for the next lesson.