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Ofsted Good Rating

Values & Ethos 


We believe that it is our duty to develop, not only a young person’s knowledge of the world, but also their character. We expect all of our students to grow into kind, reflective and resilient human beings who see themselves as members of a wider community.

We recognise that each and every one of us will require support and guidance to achieve such an ambitious goal. To that end, we will seek out every opportunity to promote these values as well as challenging and supporting those who, on occasion, fall short.

We are not interested in rewarding certain behaviours, actions or attainment as an end in themselves; instead, we are passionate about rewarding the development of dispositions and habits which will lead our young people to live more fulfilling and positive lives.

The academy values are designed in a way so that everyone can demonstrate and cultivate them through practice and support; every one of our students has the ability to become the type of person we believe they can and should be.

At The Sutton Academy we recognise the integral role that our parents play in the development of their child’s character and ultimately we are there to support them. To help with this, our parents will be alerted to their child’s character development through messages relaying when a teacher has identified a value being shown or a missed opportunity to do so.






The academy’s mission statement, “Together Students Achieve” informs everything that we do and characterises the ethos and the spirit that drives our collective endeavours and our vision for improvement. At The Sutton Academy we recognise that everyone; staff, students, parents and carers are individuals but share a strong collective will to succeed. Therefore, at The Sutton Academy we respect the individual needs of everyone and seek to foster a caring and creative environment which emphasises the positive social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of all learners.

In striving for excellence we seek to develop first class learning opportunities for all and that, over time, The Sutton Academy Learning Community becomes recognised as outstanding in everything that it does.

The academy has a strong vision for partnership working with sponsors, the local community and external agencies to create personalised, engaging and motivating educational experiences for its young people.