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Ofsted Good Rating

100% Attendance Winners

Students are rewarded for their 100% attendance.

On the last day of term a number of our students were awarded with prizes for their 100% attendance.  Student names were picked at random, and prizes were given, including shopping vouchers and chocolates.

Well done to everyone who had 100% attendance this is a great achievement.

The winners of the shopping vouchers were as follows:

Year 7 - Cody Gohrey, Nicole Lloyd,  Abbey Heron, Frankie Williams
Year 8 - Megan Lane, Abbie Nickson, Holly Whitaker, Benjamin Atherton
Year 9 – Libby Salter, Amelie Donovan, Kaley Harrison, Reece Bridge
Year 10 - Maizie Ball, Robbie Barrett, David Lawrence, Beth Price
Year 11 – Kaitlin Milne, Luke Haverty, Owen Hill, Alice Jolley