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Anti-Bullying Advice from Year 7

Anti- Bullying Week – Advice from the Year 7 Journalism Team

Bullying can feel like the worst thing in the world. As part of our academy’s anti-bullying week, the Year 7 journalism team have been asked to decide on a few important bits of advice for students.

Top Things to Remember

It doesn’t matter what you look like.

Everyone is different and nobody is perfect. It shouldn’t matter what someone wears or how somebody looks because it is what is inside that counts. Your personality is what matters the most.  

It isn’t your fault.

Even though it feels like it may be your fault, if someone has a problem with you then that isn’t your problem: it is theirs. 

Remember to respect others.

Never disrespect other people’s feelings, beliefs or property. Everyone has different views, so even if someone does have different views to you, it is extremely important that they are respected.

It may be tempting to take revenge, but it is never worth it.

No matter how angry you may feel, you should never seek revenge otherwise you will be just as bad as them. You should always tell a trusted adult instead.  The teachers and school prefects are always there to help you.