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Student of the Month - January

Our student of the month winners have been announced!

Student of the Month Winners for January.

This award is given to recognise students who have made outstanding progress, excellent effort or gone above and beyond our high expectations.

Well done to the following students:
Year 7 – Sara Al-Hlo
Year 8 – Josh Boylan
Year 9 – Cate Sanderson
Year 10 – Jack Jones
Year 11 – Nathan Briers
Sixth Form - Jess Rees/Tom Lee

Each student has been awarded a Principal's Badge.

Year 7 - Sara Al Hlo - Fantastic ATL.  Has won artist of the month and has been nominated by languages for effort.

Year 8 - Josh Boylan - Outstanding student with exceptional ATL.  

Year 9 - Cate Sanderson.  Nominated by Mr Harker for 'for 1st in Brilliant Club' and Mr Tootle for continuing to excel across all aspects of the curriculum in school. 

Year 10 - Jack Jones.  Nominated by Mrs Bibby - He is so willing to help and support with everything - even after a gruelling 2 hour English exam he stayed to do the Year 8 Parents Evening.

Also nominated by Miss Massey - Jack attends all Boost &Secure sessions but engages with real enthusiasm and maturity.  Jack and a friend have both worked endlessly hard on the creation of a booklet containing contextual information on the 18 poets of study for their forthcoming GCSE Literature paper but what marks him out as worthy of the Student Of The Month is his willingness to then share this booklet in order to support and enhance others' knowledge and so he really ought to be very proud of his commitment to his own academic progress but, also, his kindness towards others.' Jack is a worthy winner this month!

Year 11 - Nathan Briers. He has been nominated by Mr Higginbotham for his excellent effort and work in Geography. A deserved winner!

Sixth Form - Nominations are Jess Rees and Tom Lee.  Both students have 100% attendance and have shown a fantastic attitude to learning, attending all extra-curricular sessions and giving 100% in their lessons.