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World Book Day Winners

Students get creative for World Book Day!

This year's World Book Day was held on the 4th of March, it's a time to celebrate all the exciting stories and poetry in our world!

Even though our students we're studying at home this year, we encouraged them to still get involved in an exciting competition.  

We asked students to either:

Entry Option 1: Using materials you already have at home, you can dress up as your favourite fictional character and send me your pictures via Satchel.  Alongside your picture, you need to tell me what the character's name is and the title of the book which inspired you.

Entry Option 2: Using materials you already have at home, you need to create and photograph a tableau (a group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story) which give clues about your favourite book.  

We had some amazing entries from our students, our winners:

Year 7 - Mia
Year 8 - Poppy
Year 9 - Sonia
Year 10 - Amy