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Students visit Nature Reserve

Immersing themselves in Ecological Studies at Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve!

On Monday 22 April, Year 10 Triple Science students embarked on an enriching journey into the heart of ecological exploration at Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve in Ormskirk. 

Under the guidance of Lancashire Wildlife Trust, the students engaged in a variety of hands-on activities aimed at deepening their understanding of ecological principles.

The day began with students employing scientific techniques such as quadrats and transects to survey the diverse flora found within the woodland and wetland habitats of Mere Sands Wood. Armed with clipboards and measuring tapes, they meticulously recorded data on tree species and ground flora distribution, honing their observational skills and scientific methodology.

Additionally, students had the opportunity to harness the power of technology as they used digital tools to identify and document various wetland and woodland bird species. This practical application of modern technology not only enriched their learning experience but also provided valuable insights into the biodiversity of the reserve.

These immersive activities were not merely recreational but directly tied into the students' academic pursuits. With GCSE Biology exams on the horizon, the skills and knowledge gained from their time at Mere Sands Wood will prove invaluable as they tackle required practicals and coursework in the coming academic year.