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Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors needed for sixth form.

We are looking to appoint a team of student ambassadors from our sixth form cohort to help lead on a number of initiatives throughout this academic year. These roles will cover a range of areas chosen to further develop the wider Academy community for the betterment of students and staff alike.

Detailed below are the roles available, with a brief description of what will be expected of the student ambassador.

Charity Ambassador 

Charity Ambassador

A student who has an interest in supporting the student body in a number of charity initiatives throughout the year. From researching charities to planning events, this roles links directly to the ‘part of a community’ and ‘kind’ Academy Values.

Mental Health Ambassador 

Mental Health Ambassador

A student who is kind, caring and willing to put others needs before their own. This role would involve actively finding channels of support for mental health and wellbeing support for students at different stages of their journey at The Academy. From wellbeing advice to students dealing with exam stress, to supporting younger students with anxieties around every day Academy life, this role is a perfect reflection of our ‘part of a community’ and ‘kind’ Academy Values.

Student Voice 

Student Voice

A student who wants to be the voice of all students at the Academy. This role would involve arranging and leading regular meetings with students to find out how we can make the Academy better. The ability to listen and communicate are vital skills for this role. A student voice ambassador would demonstrate our ‘reflective’ value perfectly.


Eco – Ambassador

As a newly accredited ‘Green Flag’ school, our eco efforts this year will intensify as we aim to become a single use plastic free Academy. This role would involve finding ways to improve the carbon foot print of our Academy, educating the community on how to be more ‘eco-aware’ and launching initiatives within the student community. This role is a perfect reflection of our ‘part of a community’ and ‘kind’ Academy Values

Anti-Bullying Ambassador 

Anti Bullying Ambassador

We’re looking for a student to extend the great work our anti bullying team into our 6th form. Working along side the Princess Diana award, this role will involve leading initiatives to significantly reduce bullying in our student community, educate people of how to identify and support people who are being bullied and improve the wellbeing of our student body across the Academy.