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Ofsted Good Rating

Social Science Baby Announcement

Welcome to the world little ones!

Social Sciences are very proud and excited to announce the arrival of two ‘Real Care’ babies. The babies are the most advanced infant stimulators available.  Childcare and Health and Social Care students are able to experience this unique, extracurricular learning experience after school. The babies support students understanding of early childhood, parenting, infant health and child development.

Students will experience what it is like to look after a child independently; students wear an ID wristband that baby is programmed to recognise as their main caregiver. The babies mimic the sounds and care needs of a real baby including feeding, burping, rocking and nappy changes.

Students must be prepared to be responsible ‘parents and carers’ and take accountability for their baby. The babies have wireless programming to track and report on the caregiver behaviours and how well baby’s needs were met. Tracked behaviours include care events, mishandling actions, time in a car seat as well as clothing changes. The babies are programmed randomly, so no two experiences will be the same. Some might cry during the night for a feed and some will be longer sleepers. This way, students also experience the difficulties of managing sleep disturbance in their everyday life. 

The babies will not impact on lesson time, as students will collect ‘their baby’ at the end of the school day. Students must consider transport safety and have the choice of using a pram or car seat. All equipment and baby must be returned before Ready to Learn the following day. Students will receive a print out of their care report that details all assessments of their care.

Staff and students are eager and excited to engage in this. Please visit our gallery for images of our beautiful babies and the baby shower we held with year 12. Welcome to the world, little ones.