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Ofsted Good Rating

Attendance Communication Promise

We have a duty of care to ensure that we keep parents and carers up to date with their child's attendance rates. We endeavour to be as transparent with our systems and have really clear trigger points for attendance communication to ensure we have a consistent approach. We ensure that our communications are timely and regular; with the aim to address any emerging attendance patterns early.

How we communicate:
  By phone:
We will regularly call parents and carers to discuss any emerging absence patterns as well as to celebrate successes.
  By email:
We will provide more detailed breakdowns of attendance figures via email and use this platform to send out meeting invites.
  Face to face:
Where possible we will always invite parents and carers in for a face to face discussion as we feel this is a more personal approach and allows us to really support families and their individual circumstances.
  By text:
For specific groups of students we may implement text messages to keep parents and carers up to date.
  Social media:
We will regularly provide updates about the importance of attendance on our social media platforms.
When to expect communication:

We will communicate with parents and carers for both successes and for concerns. The table below summarises when to expect communication from us:


If your child is absent and we have not been provided with a reason you will receive a truancy call and/or text from the attendance team.

During scheduled home visits our attendance officer will leave a calling card if you have not been in at the time of calling which outlines the reason for the visit and how to get in touch with us.


Year teams will regularly call home to discuss the attendance of those students who are about to drop below 90% or are close to going above 90%.

Our attendance team will call or email meeting invites for face to face meetings if we have concerns to discuss.

Half termly  

We will send home e-postcards for students who have had 96%+ and 100% attendance for that half term.

We will send home an overview of your child’s attendance at the end of each half term which indicates the attendance band that they fall into.


We will send home e-postcards for students who have had 96%+ and 100% attendance for that half term.

Students who have 100% attendance for a full term will receive an attendance certificate.

Our Principal will write to all parents of students who are maintaining 100% attendance for the academic year.