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Important Dates

Here you will find all important events that take place throughout the academic year in sixth form.

Date Event
Thursday 22nd August Sixth Form Enrolment Day
Monday 30th October Assessment Week - Year 13
Monday 14th - Wednesday 16th October  Tracking-1 - Year 13
Monday 21st October Assessment Week - Year 12
Monday 11th - Thursday 14th November Tracking-1- Year 12
Thursday 14th November Sixth Form Open Evening
Thursday 28th November Rock Night
Thursday 12th December Partnership Evening
Monday 20th - Friday 24th January  Mock Exams
Monday 3rd February Assessment Week - Year 12
Monday 3rd - Wednesday 5th February Tracking-2 - Year 13
Tuesday 11th - Thursday 13th February Dance Show
Monday 24th - Thursday 27th February Tracking-2 - Year 12
Monday 16th March Assessment Week - Year 13
Monday 30th March - Wednesday 1st April Tracking-3 - Year 13
Thursday 18th June Rock Night
Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July Year 12 End of Year Exams
Monday 6th - Wednesday 8th July Tracking-3 - Year 12