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Key Stage 4 Options

Year 9 

Last academic year your child chose the first two subjects as part of their Key Stage 4 options. During this term, your child will be making their final two Key Stage 4 option choices.

The Option choices are designed in a way that enables students to complete Year 11 with a strong combination of qualifications which will ensure they can progress onto the next stage of their education or employment. Students will choose two subjects. One from Option 1 and one from Option 2.

Click on the subject links below to view/download narrated PowerPoints for each subject.

Option 1: students will choose between:

Option 2: students will choose one subject from the following list of subjects:

If you child selected one of the Option 2 subjects in Year 8 and began studying it in Year 9, they would not need to select it again. Instead they would select an additional subject from the Option 2 list.