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Ofsted Good Rating

Live Lessons

Students in Years 7-11 will have two Live Lessons per day.

We have done a significant amount of research on the best home learning strategy that will ensure students succeed across the period of lockdown. We are aware that some schools may move to five live lessons a day but we have concerns around this. This method can disadvantage those families where there is limited access to online devices. For example, some of our families may have one laptop between three siblings and a parent trying to work from home.

There is also concerns that five live lessons a day can have initial impact but then students start to become disengaged with this process quite quickly. A member of our staff has conducted a national research project into online learning and has been asked to present his findings to International Universities.

We have found the preferred research approach is a hybrid of live lessons and pre-recorded lessons. For this to work, it is ideal if the students follow the normal academic day.