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Medical Attention

The Sutton Academy strives to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of our students is paramount.

The information below is to inform parents and carers of the instances that may occur, resulting in the academy contacting you.

Parents or carers are currently contacted:

  • When an ambulance has been telephoned for their child.
  • When there has been a head injury (any blow to the head area including ie jaw, ear, nose etc) these are all head injuries that may lead to further complications.
  • When there has been a reaction to any substance ingested.
  • When there has been an Asthma attack, even when the inhaler has been used and it has subsided.
  • When the use of Anti-Histamines have been used as part of an allergy kit left by parent (all instructions are in the care plans).
  • When there has been a seizure of a student who has been diagnosed with Epilepsy. First seizures need an ambulance.
  • Any cut to the body which is judged to need steri-strips/further medical treatment.
  • Any query with medication left for the child to take at the academy.

A text message will be sent to the parent/carer if they are unable to answer the telephone call from the academy, if they are unable to come and collect their child or if they decide it is unnecessary.

Please view/download a copy of our Medical Attention Policy below.