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Together Students Achieve


The academy’s commitment to Numeracy

At the academy, we are striving to improve our students’ use of numeracy as well as improving their confidence when manipulating number. We are committed to improving the use of numeracy across all areas of our curriculum, as well as preparing our students for the application of numeracy in the real world outside of the academy.

What do we mean by ‘Numeracy’?

‘To be numerate is to confidently and effectively use mathematics to think logically and meet the everyday demands of life’.

‘Numeracy is a life skill – vital for you to make informed decisions in your everyday life and vital for the UK to build a strong economy and compete globally’.

‘It helps people manage their personal and social lives as well as increasing opportunities at work’.

Numeracy is an amalgamation of the skills involved in improving our skills not just with number, but with literacy. To become numerate is to be literate with numbers.

Attitudes towards Numeracy

Here at the academy, we are focused on making sure our students approach numeracy with a positive mindset. Students are too often exposed to negative statements regarding numeracy such as: ‘I was never good at maths at school’. When students hear this from family, friends and films, we make it socially acceptable to be bad at maths. This stems from memories of maths at school involving all the things we found difficult, such as trigonometry, Pythagoras and complex algebra. Numeracy is the application of number skills in the real world, and we strive to acknowledge the importance of numeracy. Students should always remember that it is always possible to become better with number and as long as we keep a positive mind set towards numeracy, they can be successful.

Opportunities to improve Numeracy at The Academy

At the academy, we provide a variety of opportunities to improve their numerical skills.

* Students are provided with a thorough, rigorous and challenging curriculum that will encourage the embedding of numerical concepts and skills.

* One Ready to Learn is used each week to embed key numeracy skills. KS3 students are given the opportunity to take part in our Numeracy Ninjas, which allows students to attempt 30 Numeracy questions and be awarded a ‘ninja belt’ depending on how many questions they get right. Key Stage 4 students use the time focusing on key topics on Hegarty Maths.

* Symphony maths is used to help improve the numerical skills of targeted students.

* Sixth form students are taking a lead on our breakfast club providing targeted support for a cohort of students with an aim of improving their numerical ability.

* Our ‘Numeracy Leaders’ encourages students to take a lead role of numerical topics with lessons across the curriculum and give students an opportunity to support other students in the classroom with numeracy.

Numeracy across the curriculum

Numeracy plays a big part in developing understanding of content across the curriculum and students are encouraged to apply their knowledge to build and improve their understanding of content across all subjects within the academy. As well as building on their understanding of numerical content across the curriculum, students are given the opportunities to experience and learn about numeracy in different environments within the academy. We encourage students to participate in activities provided to them within the academy, whether that be taking part in world numeracy day, world pi day or our numeracy days designed to apply and discover new numerical methods in a practical and interactive environment.

What can you do as parents?
We would ask that you support us in helping your child to develop good numeracy skills. This website will help you with practical ideas to support your child with numeracy and mathematical skills.

“Teachers adopt a consistent approach to supporting the development of students' literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum.”