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Report Bullying

Please report any bullying issues to the following email address:

How to report bullying?

Bullying can be reported verbally (in person or over the phone) to any member of staff. Students can also approach our Anti Bullying ambassadors/Peer Mentor team at any point during break and lunch. These are students in Year 11 and Year 12 who will then make sure the appropriate staff member is informed. There is also a Report Bullying email address above for students or parents to copy and contact the Academy directly. Emails are automatically sent to the Principal Mr P Willerton.

How does the Academy deal with this?

The Academy will deal with incident of bullying incredibly seriously. We understand that students aren’t always aware of what impact their actions are having on others. Any accusations of bullying will be recorded and all students involved spoken to as well as parents. Depending on the nature of the bullying a range of consequences may be considered.

If the bullying was to continue at this point – this becomes serious bullying as the actions are continuing despite the fact that the students know the impact they are having. This now becomes a serious consequence in the Academy which may result in permanent exclusion or/and police involvement.

Who to speak to about this?

All staff in the academy are available to speak to by parents or students but the following members of staff need to be made aware by students, staff or parents/carer of any incidents:

Year 7 – Mr A Friar (Head of Year), Mr A Cawley (Achievement Leader) 
Year 8 – Mr D Hughes (Head of Year), Mr R Hughes (Achievement Leader)
Year 9 – Miss L Keenan (Head of Year), Miss Flynn (Achievement Leader)
Year 10 – Mrs Wilson (Head of Year),  Miss Lithgow (Achievement Leader)
Year 11 – Miss Tickle/Mrs Bibby (Head of Year), Mr Tootle (Achievement Leader) and Mr Harker (Vice Principal for Year 11)

Mrs G Potter (Designated Safeguarding Lead) and Ms G Medare (Assistant Principal) will be made aware of any incidents to track the impact of any actions taken.

All staff at the Academy will deal with bullying issues but if anyone within The Sutton Academy community (students, staff, parents/carers) do not feel they are being listened to or the issues are being addressed please contact Ms G Medare or Mr P Willerton (Principal) directly.