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Together Students Achieve

The Trust Board

The Trust Board (comprises of 3 Trust Body Members)

Mrs Monica Box
Mr Andrew Ross
Mr Peter Winter
Ms Julia Callaghan

The Governing Body

Paul Willerton Peter Winter Andrew Ross Nicola Kearney

Principal Sponsor Trustee Trust Member
Sponsor Trustee
Co-opted Trustee
Joanne Davies Gordon Pennington Norman Jackson Nick Gribben

Local Authority
Co-opted Trustee Sponsor Trustee Sponsor Trustee
John Maclaren Natalie Morley Mark Doyle  

Sponsor Trustee Parent Trustee Sponsor Trustee  





The Governing Body comprises of 11 Governors as detailed below:

Name Category Date of Appointment Committee Membership Details
Paul Willerton
Principal and Trustee September 2020  
Nick Gribben Sponsor Trustee July 2013 Standards and Curriculum
Norman Jackson Sponsor Trustee February 2014 Finance and HR
Gordon Pennington Co-opted Trustee May 2015 Finance and HR (Chair)
Natalie Morley Parent Trustee March 2019 Finance & HR
Jo Davies Local Authority Trustee November 2015  
Peter Winter (Chair) Sponsor Trustee May 2015 Standards and Curriculum/Finance & HR
John Maclaren Sponsor Trustee   Finance & HR
Andrew Ross Trust Member  June 2018 Finance & HR
Mark Doyle Sponsor Trustee   Standards & Curriculum (Chair)
Nicola Kearney Co-opted Trustee   Standards & Curriculum

Governing Body:

Governor Meetings Attended Out of a Possible
Mrs A Sherman (Principal) 4 4
Mr N Gribben 3 4
Mr G Pennington 4 4
Mr N Jackson 4 4
Mr P Winter (Chair of Standards and Curriculum Committee) 2 4
Mrs J Davies 3 4

Finance and HR Committee:

Governor Meetings Attended Out of a Possible
Mr G Pennington 3 3
Mrs A Sherman (Principal) 3 3
Mr N Jackson 2 3

Standards and Curriculum Committee:

Governor Meetings Attended Out of a Possible
Mr P Winter (Chair from Jan 2017) 3 4
Mr N Gribben 3 4
Mrs A Sherman (Principal) 4 4

Any previous minutes are available from the Clerk.