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Together Students Achieve

Year 10 Online Learning


From our experience, students’ engagement is improved when the structure of the academy day is adhered to. This would mean attempting their learning for the subject when they would normally have it on site. It can ensure students keep a normal sleeping pattern and they can access their teachers live support.

Period 1 - 8.55am - 9.55am
Break - 9.55am - 10.10am
Period 2 - 10.10am - 11.10am
Period 3 - 11.10am - 12.10pm
Lunch - 12.10pm - 12.40pm
Period 4 - 12.40pm - 1.40pm
Period 5 - 1.40pm - 2.40pm
Ready to Learn - 2.40pm - 3.00pm


Your child’s live lesson will be at the times below and will be the subject they would normally have at that time during that week. If they have a practical PE lesson, the teacher will instead be delivering the PSHE curriculum. This covers a range of topics around health and wellbeing such as ‘Mental Health and Depression’, ‘Effects of Smoking’ and ‘The Danger of Drugs’. Attendance to these lessons is compulsory so please contact us if there are genuine reasons why your child cannot attend. We are introducing a method of registering the students each week and we will be able to contact parents/carers if a student does not attend.

  Mon P1 Mon P5 Tue P1 Tue P3 Wed P1 Wed P3 Thu P1 Thu P3 Fri
Start Time 8:55 13:40 8:55 11:10 8:55 11:10 8:55 11:10 8:55 11:10

Each day, we will also be providing the Ready to Learn activities that they would be covering in form time. Please see below a breakdown of the topics. They will be delivered through pre-recorded materials as staff will be using that time to make individual contact with all families to make sure they have everything they need.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Literacy Reading Cultural Capital Mental wellbeing Assembly