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Business Studies


Business/Enterprise introduces you to the exciting world of work. It will give you insight into how organisations around you are run, whilst equipping you with the skills to work in them or run your own. It is a constantly evolving subject, which combines excellently with other option choices and is well respected by colleges, employers and universities alike.  Studying business combines learning the theory of businesses/organisations,  with developing the ability to tackle practical tasks and activities that you would face in the workplace such as writing email/letters, delivering a presentation, delivering excellent customer service and calculating profit. It is a subject brought to life by our business department by having practical links with local real-life businesses to enhance your understanding.

Key Stage 4 – Years 9, 10 & 11 

What will I study?

BTEC Level 2 in Business/Enterprise

You will explore different types of businesses in the local area and discover how they were set up, how they are managed, who they compete with and how they find out what customers want.

You are required to plan and run your own small enterprise in small teams, demonstrating the ability to successfully carry out all the activities required to make a business enterprise a success including Marketing, Finance, Customer Service and Operations.

You will also focus on how businesses can stay financially healthy and what careful planning tools are needed to make a business profitable and to maximise revenue and minimise costs. You will become aware of the need for businesses to use promotion, and the different types of promotional activity/advertising businesses around you can use to target their customers.

What skills will I develop?
  • Practical work skills that apply to jobs in the workplace or running your own business
  • Financial planning skills
  • Team Work
  • Communication Skills
  • Organisational Skills
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Research skills
  • Creativity and Innovation Skills
How will I be assessed?

3 Units or study.

Two Units : Exploring Enterprise and Planning For and Running Enterprise = Coursework (30% each)

One Unit: Promotion and Finance for Business = Exam (40%)

Key Stage 5

What will I study?

Cambridge Technical Level 3 Business

This qualification will give leaners an opportunity to develop an understanding of the dynamic environment that businesses operate in and the skills, knowledge and understanding required when undertaking many day-to-day roles in a business. Learners cover the fundamental concepts that underpin most business courses including types of businesses and their objectives, how to use financial information, understanding the relationships between stakeholders and assessing business performance. You are required to demonstrate how you would plan and action daily workplace tasks including running meetings, prioritising tasks and communicating in writing with stakeholders. Furthermore, you explore the importance of customers and communication with them and have to practically demonstrate some of the skills required to communicate effectively with customers.

What skills will I develop?
  • Planning and Organisational Skills
  • Financial Planning Skills
  • Non Verbal and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Organisational and Prioritisation Skills
  • Written Communication Skills
How will I be assessed?

Two Exam Units: One in Year 12 – The Business Environment
                               One in Year 13 – Working In Business

Three coursework assessed Units: Customers and Communication, Financial Accounting and Human Resources.