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Communication Promise

Our ‘Communication Promise’ to Parents/Carers

At the academy we see the relationship between home and education as paramount. We are aware that there are a number of reasons that parents and carers would want to contact staff at the academy.

The Sutton Academy is an organisation with a large number of staff and students and so we want to ensure that there is clarity on how to contact certain staff and what the expectations are on our ‘communication promise’ to you in terms of responding. We appreciate that at times parents/carers may request a face-to-face meeting with staff. We will always endeavour to facilitate parental meetings; however, we cannot guarantee this if a parent/carer arrives at reception without an appointment. This is because staff have a range of duties and commitments that cannot be covered at short notice.

If a parent/carer arrives at reception without an appointment, they will be able to leave their details and an appointment will be made with the relevant Year Team for a later date. In the case of a serious safeguarding issue, a member of the safeguarding team will be made available immediately. The promise is related to telephone contact made or by messages sent in via email or the School Gateway app. We understand that some parents/carers will contact staff direct via email but unfortunately, we cannot monitor when or how these are responded to, and so we advise that if you have any concerns to please follow the information below.


Please click on the following link as stated in the above procedure: