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Parent Support

The DfE has now produced a guidance document for parents/carers regarding supporting children's remote education during Covid-19.

The document contains some useful links for parents regarding:

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Resources for parents of children with SEND
  • Additional educational resources

Online Learning Tips for Parents and Carers

  • Set up a desk in a quiet corner of the house where your child can keep their laptop, textbooks and notes – they’ll find it much easier to focus and the rest of the family can continue life as normal.
  • Teens spend a lot of time on apps speaking with their friends anyway – and isolation will only increase their desire to communicate socially. While some communication will be positive for their mental health, the opposite is true when social media fuels feelings of isolation and anxiety.
  • You’ll need to set some ground rules for how phones are used during the day, and keep an eye on your child’s mood. Without the structure of the school day, and without the engagement of peers, motivation and energy can take a dive.
  • Make sure your child moves, goes outside, eats meals at the appropriate times and has offline conversations.
  • You’re likely to run into situations where your child doesn’t understand some of their course content and you’re unable to help. In these situations, having some resources ready is wise. Look up the specifications for the subjects your child is studying from the relevant exam boards and bookmark any online resources that can help you out.