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    Together Students Achieve


    The Sutton Academy is a safe and welcoming environment where all students are respected and valued. Our moral and statutory responsibility promotes the welfare of ALL of our Students and concerns are treated with paramount importance.

    All staff at The Sutton Academy receive training to recognise and report signs of abuse and neglect. This includes up to date training on Keeping Children Safe In Education (KCSIE) which is delivered annually, to ensure all of the latest policies and procedures are being followed by staff.

    Safeguarding procedures are embedded with staff, ensuring effective support and protection for all students.

    The Sutton Academy Safeguarding Team

    Miss Seddon Mrs Potter Miss Tickle

    Assistant Principal
    Designated Safeguarding Lead
    Safeguarding Officer Safeguarding Officer
    Mrs Bibby Mr Friar Mrs Boylan

    Head of Year 7 Head of Year 8 Head of Year 9
    Miss Keenan Mr Holme Mr D Hughes

    Head of Year 10  Head of Year 11  Assistant Director
    of Sixth Form