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Design Technology


Design and Technology by definition is about the future. It's about how we can find ways to improve the way we live; how we can build a better environment; how we can make advances in sustainable design. Here at The Sutton Academy we aim to offer a broad curriculum, allowing all our students the opportunity to access the most current technologies, with the best resources available. Our students will develop the skills to approach all challenges focussing on creative solutions, rather than dwelling on problems. The Design and Technology department exists to inspire our students to become the best versions of themselves, every day.

Phase 1 – Years 7 & 8 

What will I study?

You will study all disciplines across the technology curriculum; including Product Design, Graphic Products and Resistant Materials. You will complete a series of practical projects over the two years including a bird house, USB lamp, sweet dispenser, picture frame and a series of graphic based products.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on extensive portfolio based learning, similar to that of the current GCSE standards in manageable, 12 week schemes for learning for each discipline.

Phase 1 Curriculum Overview 

Phase 3 – Years 9, 10 & 11 

What will I study?

Students will have the opportunity to study our GCSE Product Design qualification, which is aimed at learners who have a love for creative design. Students will study a series of core principles of technology including materials, processes and sustainable & ethical design.

For learners who would like to know what it's like to be a part of the Construction Industry, we have a vocational Construction qualification designed to cater for their needs. Students will learn a variety of trades including Carpentry, plumbing, decorating and electrical installations. Students will complete 3 units based on health and safety, construction skills and project planning.

What skills will I develop?

Students will have the opportunity to develop their designing skills, while learning about new and emerging technologies. They will gain invaluable practical skills that will prepare them for whichever path they chose to follow, after their GCSE years. More importantly, students will develop the confidence to be creative. These skills will be transferable in most areas upon the completion of the GCSE/Vocational qualification.

How will I be assessed?

Students will be assessed using external examinations and unit coursework in both qualification routes. The GCSE qualification is a 50/50 split external and internal assessment, while the vocational course consists of 3 units, 2 of which is externally assessed, while the remaining unit is assessed internally.

Key Stage 5 

What will I study?

Students will study the 3D Product Design A Level qualification, following on from the GCSE equivalent. This qualification the will prepare learners for the rigour that will face them should they pursue a degree in a design based subject.

What skills will I develop?

Students will develop a deeper understanding of manufacturing processes and a more concise knowledge of what it takes to be an Industrial Designer. They will develop the skills to produce a product in direct response to a client brief, ensuring all British Standards are met, and specification criteria are met.

How will I be assessed?

Students will be assessed over the 2 years with 2 design based portfolios, to be completed under a controlled environment and assessed internally. They will also be required to complete 2 written examination papers, which will be assessed externally. Each unit is worth 25% of the A Level qualification.

Further Information

All of our subject staff will be able to assist you with any further information you require. We will always be available to answer questions in the Technology Plaza.