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We’re passionate about Science. Our team of fourteen staff, with expertise in all three Sciences, enthuse our students and help them learn more about this core subject.

Meet the Team
Miss Booth Mr Bedford Mr Hill Mrs Kilshaw

Faculty Leader Science Curriculum Leader Biology Head of Physics Curriculum Leader Science STEM
Miss Ayrton Miss Hutchinson Miss Jones Mrs Mainey

Teacher of Science Teacher of Science Teacher of Science Teacher of Science
Mrs Markham Miss McKenna-Cox Mr McWean Mrs Morey

Teacher of Science Teacher of Science Teacher of Science Teacher of Science
Mr Sykes Mr Addison    

Teacher of Science Teacher of Science    

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is focussed around ensuring we are able to find, nurture and ignite the passion in science in all of our students.  Students are taught a variety of content that covers the three main Sciences in an engaging and challenging way that helps develop our young scientists.  Teachers provide plenty of opportunities for students to carry out practical investigations on their own and in groups to develop collaborative learning skills.

In sixth form we offer  A-level Biology, Physics, Chemistry and BTEC Level 3 Applied Science.

PACE – Year 7 & 8 

What will I study?

All students in Years 7 and Year 8 study the Combined Science National Curriculum. The programme of study has been organised into termly topics that have a Biology, Chemistry or Physics focus.

Within each topic students are given the opportunity to develop their Scientific investigation skills to prepare them for the required practical element of their GCSE course.

How will I be assessed?

Students’ investigative skills are assessed within each topic through the use of a PACE Skills Practical assessment. Each practical has a specific skill focus and students receive written feedback; which they then act upon to further develop their investigative skills.

Students are then assessed at the end of each topic through the use of a Termly Topic Examination. This will provide the students with their ‘Working Towards Grade’ for the topic.

Key Stage 4 – Year 9, 10 & 11 

What will I study?

All year 9 students will study the new Combined Science GCSE as a minimum with some students being given the opportunity to study Triple Sciences, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

What skills will I develop?

As well as learning key science content, students will develop investigative skill and will learn to work collaboratively like real Scientists.  All students will carry out purposeful practical activities as part of our day to day lessons. This makes Science relevant in our world and fun!

How will I be assessed?

Knowledge & understanding will be assessed through 6 written exam papers at the end of year 11.  Questions include multiple choice, structured questions, closed short answer questions and open response.  Practical skills are also assessed in the examination papers and students will have to carry out 21 Required Practials in their lessons.  Each paper is worth 16.7% of their final grade.

Key Stage 5 

What will I study?

At Key Stage 5, we offer a choice of A Level Biology; Chemistry; and Physics; as well as BTEC Level 3 Applied Science, which covers all three subjects.

What skills will I develop?

During Key Stage 4, it is important that you learn what and why. This is taken further at Key Stage 5 by you needing to be able to apply it to different situations. In order to do this, you will need to read around the subject and look more in depth. This is best done through independent learning, which is a key skill that you will continue to develop. Practical Skills will also be improved, ensuring that you would be ready to carry out experiments and investigations at University or Industry level.

How will I be assessed?

In A Level, you will be formally assessed at the end of each year with exams, which contain a practical element backed up by assessments during practicals throughout the year. Throughout the year, you will also be assessed with End of topic exams, Mock exams and other assessments such as multiple choice questions or essay questions, depending on the subject.

In BTEC, you will be formally assessed with an external exam in Year 12, a practical exam with an external moderator in Year 13 and 2 internally assessed units with assignments. Throughout the year, you will also be assessed by Mock exams.